Dimitris Tsimpanos was born in a musical environment and began classical piano lessons at an early age in his hometown of Lamia with Mr Paterakis. He continued his studies in Athens in Athenaeum and in the classic conservatory of Cholargos,  where he received the piano diploma. Then he studied at the Liszt academy in Budapest with professors András Kemenes, Balázs Szokolay and Nagy Ervin. Having participated in various contemporary classical concerts at home and abroad, he turned to composition with professor the distinguished composer Michael Travlos. He got a degree of harmony, counterpoint and fugue, while his work « The Dance of the Elves” was awarded in the competition of Young Greek composers workshop dedicated to Theodore Antoniou for his 80th birthday.

From 2011 alongside his involvement with contemporary classical music, he started off in the domestic pop-rock music scene, initially with Michael Tasinas & New Rock Times, and then only with the composer and singer Michael Tasinas in which collaborates until today. He has also cooperated with Tania Kikidi, D. Karras, Fotis Andrikopoulos and Theodosia Tsatsou.

To his credit  are included participations as a composer in cd “BETH” and “ΟΝΕ ΜΙNUTE”  of the world renowned flutist Iwona Glinka with compositions for flute solo, in which he has close cooperation. Since 2017 is a member of the composer’s club phasma music.

This time he works as a session musician, he teaches piano-keyboards and harmony, he continues to write works of contemporary classical music, and began a series of cover videos. His influences are many, from classical and Byzantine music to jazz, rock and metal.